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Join the Blue Harmony Travel family and let us help you to experience a trip to Caribbean islands you'll never forget!

Have you ever gotten into a taxi after arriving to your destination, and had the most amazing driver that knew everything about the city? He knows all the hotspots to visit for food, attractions and shopping?

That’s our team at Blue Harmony Travel!

With over 30 years of travel experience, we’ve gotten to know all the places you must see on your next trip to Caribbean islands. And we want to share that information with you. We’re here to help you make the most of your travel time.

Whether you’re one to spend your time soaking up the sun on the beach or chasing the adrenaline rush swimming with the sharks, we have something for the whole family to enjoy.

Blue Harmony Travel wants you to be a part of our vacationing family. Planning a trip that will give you memories for a lifetime can never be rushed! Take all the time you need to find travel perfection, and we’ll be there to offer our help along the way.

Some of our core beliefs in the travel industry include:

Many of our travelers are so pleased with the planning process and getaway that they come back to us each year for a new trip! It brings a big smile to the faces of our Blue Harmony Travel team.

We’re on the lookout for the best deals and adventures. No expensive upsells, just suggestions on what will take your experience from mediocre to life changing! If you are pleased with your vacation and us, then we have done our job correctly.

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CLIA AccreditedCruise Lines International Association Logo

The Cruise Line International Association has been around since 1975 and has a membership of over 14,000 travel agencies and 26 cruise lines. The CLIA represents over 97% of the cruises marketed in North America and are a premier resource for cruise information and verification. Blue Harmony Travel is a CLIA accredited company, dedicated to bringing you the best value in Bahamas travel.


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Tony L.

I surprised my finance with a romantic trip to the Bahamas and she could not believe it. Blue Harmony made me look so great. She has no idea how much money I saved, and she will be even more excited when she gets to go shopping on the port. You guys rock.

Tony L.
Happy Customer

Tammy G.

It’s safe to say our kids had the best time of their lives. It was so amazing for my husband and I to see such big smiles, even from our moody teenagers. I will cherish this moment for forever. Thank you so much to Blue Harmony for making it possible.

Tammy G.
Happy Customer

Bernice C.

Blue Harmony saved my honeymoon! After my husband and I got married we thought there would be no hope for a honeymoon. I’m so happy that I won this trip! We were able to treat ourselves to a fancy Bahamas vacation for almost nothing. Can’t thank you enough.

Bernice C.
Happy Customer
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